Prognostic factors and clinical features of rhino-orbital-mucormycosis cases: an update for patient and visual survivals
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Mustafa Aksoy. Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Saricam, Adana 01330, Türkiye.


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    AIM: To determine the frequency of patients’ vision survival and prognostic factors and evaluate clinical features in rhino-orbital mucormycosis. METHODS: Forty-three eyes of 43 patients followed up with orbital mucormycosis infections were included in the study. Demographic characteristics of the patients, symptoms at admission, ophthalmologic and non-ophthalmologic examination findings, clinical findings during follow-up, medical and surgical procedures, and complications were recorded. Patient survival was determined by assessing the incidence of mortality, and vision survival was defined as achieving a final visual acuity of at least light perception. RESULTS: Twenty-seven (62.8%) patients were male, and 16 (37.2%) were female. When the underlying disease status of the patients was examined, it was observed that all patients had an underlying disease and diabetes constituted the majority (65.2%). Periorbital swelling (69.8%) and ophthalmoplegia (53.5%) were the most common symptoms and findings at the admission of patients with mucormycosis infection. The disease resulted in death in 22 (51.2%) patients. The presence of fever and shorter duration of antifungal therapy were associated with lower patient survival. Exenteration surgery was not found to be associated with the survival of the patients. Frozen eye, loss of pupillary light reflex, and development of central retinal artery occlusion were associated with lower vision survival. CONCLUSION: This study presents one of the most extensive patient series in the literature on rhino-orbital mucormycosis. Knowing the patients’ symptoms at the time of admission and the clinical findings during the infection process will increase awareness about the disease.

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Mustafa Aksoy, Altan Atakan Ozcan, Burak Ulas. Prognostic factors and clinical features of rhino-orbital-mucormycosis cases: an update for patient and visual survivals. Int J Ophthalmol, 2024,17(5):916-923

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