Hepatocyte growth factor promotes retinal pigment epithelium cell activity through MET/AKT signaling pathway
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Tong Wang and Xiao-Dong Chen. Department of Ophthalmology, Xi’an No.1 Hospital, Xi’an 710002, Shaanxi Province, China. wangtong6710@163.com; 390203850@qq.com


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Supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province (No.2022JM-521); the Science and Technology Plan Project of Xi’an (No.21YXYJ0031).

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    AIM: To explore the effects of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) on retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cell behaviors. METHODS: The human adult retinal pigment epithelial cell line-19 (ARPE-19) were treated by HGF or mesenchymal-epithelial transition factor (MET) inhibitor SU11274 in vitro. Cell viability was detected by a Cell Counting Kit-8 assay. Cell proliferation and motility was detected by a bromodeoxyuridine incorporation assay and a wound healing assay, respectively. The expression levels of MET, phosphorylated MET, protein kinase B (AKT), and phosphorylated AKT proteins were determined by Western blot assay. The MET and phosphorylated MET proteins were also determined by immunofluorescence assay. RESULTS: HGF increased ARPE-19 cells’ viability, proliferation and migration, and induced an increase of phosphorylated MET and phosphorylated AKT proteins. SU11274 significantly reduced cell viability, proliferation, and migration and decreased the expression of MET and AKT proteins. SU11274 suppressed HGF-induced increase of viability, proliferation, and migration in ARPE-19 cells. Additionally, SU11274 also blocked HGF-induced phosphorylation of MET and AKT proteins. CONCLUSION: HGF enhances cellular viability, proliferation, and migration in RPE cells through the MET/AKT signaling pathway, whereas this enhancement is suppressed by the MET inhibitor SU11274. HGF-induced MET/AKT signaling might be a vital contributor of RPE cells survival.

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Si-Rui Zhou, Yu-Sheng Zhu, Wen-Ting Yuan, et al. Hepatocyte growth factor promotes retinal pigment epithelium cell activity through MET/AKT signaling pathway. Int J Ophthalmol, 2024,17(5):806-814

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